What I'm Loving Right Now

So, it's 2018 and I thought we'd start the year off with some of the things that I've been loving at the moment. These are just some of the lovely things that I'll be taking into the new year (including a couple of Christmas presents I was lucky enough to receive!) Before we get into it, I just wanted to say a quick hello! As you can probably tell, I've just started a new blog - I'm so excited to be blogging again. I used to have a beauty blog a couple of years ago but it's all pretty new to me still, so you might have to bear with me while I find my feet! Anyway, what can I tell you about myself? I feel like we should get to know each other. I'm Jade, I'm twenty-three and I live in Brighton (well, Hove, technically). I've just completed a masters in Modern and Contemporary Literature and I'm obsessed with anything even vaguely related to beauty, homeware or fashion. That's probably everything you need to know for now, shall we get started?

Where to begin? Obviously there's quite a lot of greenery in this shot so maybe I should start there - it's everyone's favourite category, the houseplants! I already had a pretty impressive collection of plants housed all around my house but this Christmas I was lucky enough to receive not one, not two, but three gorgeous new houseplants! One is a china hanging planter (excuse me if I don't know the names of any of the plants, I'm absolutely rubbish!), one is a pretty spectacular cactus and the last (but certainly not least) is a stunning little plant inside a half moon planter I had been lusting after in Urban Outfitters. I don't need to tell you how happy this ever expanding jungle of houseplants makes me but I'm going to anyway. 

To match the unintentionally (yeah right) tropical theme, my glassware collection has a new lease of life. My boyfriend also bought me these beautiful sets of glasses; one from Urban Outfitters covered in EVEN MORE plants and the other a gold confetti pattern from Homesense (AKA the most beautiful glasses I've ever seen in my whole life). Basically, all of my dreams came true - thanks Kieran! I've been drinking my new favourite boozy beverage, the Rhubarb and Vodka Seltzer from Long Flint, (a brand I'd never heard of before now) out of these all week, a match made in heaven. 

There is something that I do need to talk about and that's Spiderplant, a houseplant shop in Brighton. Spiderplant specialise in 'the more interesting of the familiar houseplants and also the more unusual varieties', so you can imagine why it's one of my favourite shops in town. You can find them hilariously located on Gardener Street where you can pop into their Instagram-worthy 'abundant, interesting and friendly' store or alternatively check out their equally worthy Instagram at @spiderplantshop. Whilst I don't know exactly what plant this is, I got this beautiful pink star inside a bronze half moon planter for Christmas and it's honestly one of my favourite things of all time. If you were looking to find some really unique houseplants for yourself or to give as a gift, I can't recommend Spiderplant highly enough. 

You know you're getting older when the things you get most excited about are houseplants and homeware but if that's what my mid-twenties is going to look like I'm more than okay with that. I can't ignore the fact that this plant is the most ridiculous prop I've ever seen but hey, there's also some make up in shot! I haven't been trying many new products recently but there are a couple of new things that have made their way into my make up bag over the past few weeks. First off, Soap & Glory's Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen-Coat Mascara. I absolutely love this mascara, supposedly there's some rolling action that makes this THE mascara for voluminous lashes but if you ask me, it's thick, it's fast, it's gold - what's not to like? 

Another personal favourite of mine right now is the the Balm's Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer. This highlighter is no secret and I'm certainly no stranger to it; I think this might be the third time I've repurchased this product! But it's JUST SO GOOD! I've never found anyone better than Mary Lou and I don't think I'm going to, not for this price anyway. If you want to get a gorgeous champagne glow this is the one for you (warning: it does pack quite a punch but surely everyone wants to look like a disco ball?) 

The only things I haven't talked about that I've been obsessed with this month are what I'm reading and what I'm burning, only that sounds weird so let's talk about what candle I've been loving. It's the Holiday Fir Balsam candle from DW Home! It smells like Christmas trees, it burns for 50 hours, it's wrapped in a tartan ribbon - what more do I have to say? Christmas in a candle, there you go. Going into 2018 I'm going to be enjoying all of these lovely things but I'd love to discover more! If you've got any recommendations of things you've been loving please leave me a comment and let me know. One of my New Year's resolutions was to start blogging again, check! The other was to read more, to take time out of my day to sit down and read a book. Right now I'm reading Jonathan Safran Foer's Here I Am, a beautiful complex epic of a novel about family, identity and home - I'd recommend this along with John Green's Turtles All The Way Down as my must reads for right now! Hope your year is off to a great start! What goals are you setting yourself in 2018?

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