What I Wore To Graduation

I've been a little busy this weekend... In case you missed it, I graduated! I've been studying for an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature, Culture and Thought at the University of Sussex for the past year - I'm not going to pretend it's been the easiest thing I've ever done and there were more than a few times I thought I was going to have to drop out, believe me. But I did it, and this weekend - I graduated as a Master of the Arts! Honestly I've spent the last few months stressing about every little detail of my graduation day (I figured as I didn't think I'd have a second graduation, I'm definitely not going to have a third!) What was I going to wear? What lipstick? Which heels? It's been a year's worth of hard work, deadlines (35,000 words, to be exact) and more than a few meltdowns but I finally walked across that stage and got my Masters degree! I thought it would be nice to share some of that day with you so that's what I'm going to do.

I know it's supposed to be all about the dress at these things but let's be real - these Pink Beaten Tassel Earrings from Topshop steal the show. I've been admiring the tassel earring trend from afar but haven't quite been brave enough to get myself a pair before now but when I saw these blush pink beauties I decided it was time. They weren't crazy expensive, aren't too bold a colour which I think works well for first timers and those with fairer complexions like mine, and they really make my favourite lipstick pop - check, check, check! I got so many compliments on these statement earrings throughout the day, even the photographer had something to say! If you aren't too sure you want to splash out on a new outfit for an occasion I would really recommend trying the tassels.

Something you've definitely got to think about when planning your graduation outfit is what colour gown are you going to be wearing? I'm quite lucky in that my university tends to go for all black with a coloured hood (I had red last year as an undergrad, silver/grey this year as a postgrad), so it's pretty easy to find something that's going to match. Another thing I thought about this year was what kind of look I wanted to go for. As an MA graduate I wanted to go for a subtler, more elegant choice than I did the year before (when, yes, I wore a bright red dress). I kept my jewellery minimal apart from my statement earrings, wearing the simple silver bracelet and Pandora rings that I always wear, took my classic black Topshop bag and TOOK THE GODDAMN HAIRBAND OFF MY WRIST! This is a crucial step to achieving maturity, do it for the expensive photographs. 

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for - the main event! I spent forever looking online for a dress that would be formal enough for graduation without costing an absolute fortune, after all if you'e only going to wear it once and it isn't your wedding day... Well, I had no luck on that front. I find online shopping is actually pretty difficult for me at the moment, I find it hard enough to justify a purchase without worrying whether or not it was actually going to fit/look as good on me. Luckily, I only had to pop into Topshop on my day off to find something perfect! Admittedly, I did try on every single dress I could get my hands on with some pretty interesting results (I posted a couple of pics on Instagram if you wanted to see that), but I got there in the end. The dress I went for in the end was this PETITE Drape Front Mini Dress. Usually the shape and cut of this dress wouldn't be for me but luckily Topshop Brighton happened to only have a size 4 left in the sale - and no, before you ask, I am not a size 4! I loved the dress so much that I tried it on and lo and behold it was the perfect fit for me. Rather than being a loose, flowy fit, it fit me perfectly and at £10 in the sale I really wasn't going to say no! When I last checked it was down to £7 in the sale if you wanted to grab this steal for yourself - find it here. 

I kept the rest of my look quite simple, borrowing a pair of nude block heels from my lovely, fashionable friend Ruby and keeping my make up simple (see my everyday make up look here) with the addition of a little eye shadow and my all-time favourite lip colour, the No 7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer in Nectar with the NYX Professional Makeup Slide On, Glide On, Stay On & Definitely A Turn On Waterproof, Extreme Color Lip Liner (This Lip Liner Is So Good, The Name Had To Be This Long!) in Need Me underneath. If that isn't the best name for a beauty product you've ever heard then I don't know what is! And that's it! Mostly it was nice to celebrate our achievements and to spend the day with all of the people who made it happen - what comes next? Who knows!  

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