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So, I've made a mistake. But luckily, I've made it so you don't have to! I've tried a few different foundations in my time, most of them drugstore (does anyone else think this is the only way to describe places like Boots and Superdrug even though it's an American phrase?) Well, I've found one I love. You know that holy grail product? The one you couldn't live without out. That's what this is to me. It's the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation with Comfort Serum. Let's take a moment to unpack that: we know it's a Rimmel foundation, that much is obvious. It's actually a long lasting foundation (25 hours, see what they did there?) that supposedly contains something called 'comfort serum'. According to Rimmel, that means it's basically extra comfortable. It blends flawlessly and lasts against sweat, heat, humidity AND transfer for up to 25 hours!!! That's a pretty big claim - read on to find out where I stand on that - but this brings me to another big question. Which foundation from the Lasting Finish range is right for me? It was easy when there was only one to choose from but now that Rimmel have released the new Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation it's a little more difficult to know which one is right for you and your skin. 

Going back to the mistake I made: I've loved Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation (with comfort serum, lol) for years - it's my ultimate go to foundation. I wear shade 100 Ivory and I find it's the most dreamy match for my skin tone, plus it has SPF 20 which is obviously never a bad thing. It's advertised as a 'skin perfecting' full coverage foundation and if you ask me that's exactly what you get from this gorgeous product. It's so easy to apply, I use a Real Techniques Stippling Brush and it goes on an absolute dream. This particular product is definitely high coverage whilst still looking natural but it's really blendable and so easy to work with - I love, love, love it!!! So, of course, when I saw that Rimmel had released the same foundation in a 'breathable' formula I just had to give it a try when next repurchasing my foundation. 

I've tried other Rimmel foundations before, the Match Perfection (which I believe is Zoella's favourite, which is obviously why I tried it and I'll tell you now she wasn't wrong) is particularly lovely but I always came back to the Lasting Finish. I got the Lasting Finish Breathable in the same shade, 100 Ivory, I figured that they would be much the same but this one is made with Rimmel's most 'lightweight longwearing formula' which claims to keep your skin hydrated all day. Well, I'd certainly agree that, as the name suggests, the breathable foundation is definitely much more lightweight - it's marketed as a medium coverage foundation but for someone who like me who likes a lot of coverage, this foundation gives a very light coverage on my skin. But there's a much bigger problem with this foundation in my eyes... (not literally in my eyes, it's an expression!) 

There's no pump!!! That's right, not only is it a lightweight foundation (no bueno for me unless I'm having a particularly glorious skin day) but it doesn't have a pump - instead it has this strange wand/applicator. I don't really know what to make of this foundation and I DEFINITELY don't know what to do with the applicator, if you've found a way to apply this in a way that builds it up a bit I would love to know your secrets.  Overall, I like the foundation. But I have to admit, after a couple of attempts with the breathable I went out and repurchased the OG Lasting Finish - you just can't beat it! 

Honestly, when it comes to foundation all I'm looking for is something that's going to last all day, I'm always working long days so that's a must and I find that even after 12 hours at work this still does the job. Like most people, I also want something that's going to wear well at night. The Lasting Finish lasts well into the early hours AND it looks great in pictures (something that not all foundations do very well). In fact, when I was repurchasing my fave foundation, the girl at the checkout in Boots turned to the other cashiers and said, 'see, I told you this is the best foundation ever!' and if that's not proof enough that it's worth trying I don't know what is. Whether you like high, medium or light coverage, I'm pretty sure Rimmel will have a foundation that works for you!

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