Everyday Make Up Routine

Welcome back! So, I'm going to be talking about my everyday make up routine, using some of my all-time favourite products. These are the things I use LITERALLY everyday (no matter what I' m doing) as well as the items you'll catch me repurchasing again and again. Like everyone, I like to try new things but ultimately I keep coming back to what works. Everything I use tends to be from the drugstore (that word again) or fairly inexpensive so hopefully they'll be something for everyone and it definitely won't break the bank (unless you buy one of everything like I do, in which case yes it may become rather expensive). Anyway, here are my top five essential beauty products!

If you could only have one make up product - what would it be? I tried to pick but I couldn't choose! I cannot go without a base, it's the one thing I usually grab if I'm running late or don't have much time in the morning (or I'm just being incredibly lazy). At the moment I'm using the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 100 Ivory, it's the perfect match for my skin tone and glides on like an absolute dream, I can't say enough about this range - Rimmel, you are killing it. I actually wrote a whole blog post on how much I love this foundation, read more here.

Something I haven't talk about much yet which is particularly surprising is the Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer in Fair. It's a cult classic, we all know it, we all love it - it's straight up the best concealer for the lowest price - it's £3.99 and there's always a deal on Collection products at Boots, you can't really go wrong. This is actually the product I've introduced my friends too the most and they all absolutely LOVE it, so of course I'm going to recommend it to you. But along with a good base, I cannot go without doing my eyebrows. I've got those super fair, non-existent brows that most girls with blonde or light brown hair tend to struggle with. If I don't fill them in they don't do anything for me but when I do them with the Soap & Glory D-I-Y Brow Bar Brow Kit OH MY GOD - it makes such a difference I can't even tell you. It has two brow powder shades, an iridescent highlighter and a clear setting wax, everything you need to get your brows in order quickly and on the go. Personally I don't really use the highlighter or the wax but I love having two fairly universal brow shades to choose from and often use a mixture of both to get a really natural, defined look. The only problem with this kit is that it doesn't come with a full size spoolie (obviously an essential tool for taming your brows) - luckily I have bought a thousand eyebrow pencils in the past and have spoolies in abundance! This kit does come with a mini spoolie which might work for some people but it's only half the size of a miniature applicator, not enough for me.

And then it gets interesting. Okay, so let's talk highlighters! I am a walking, talking disco ball and that's the way I like it - I don't care what you're doing, you can always wear a shiny, shiny highlighter. My absolute favourite highlighter of all time is the Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer by theBalm Cosmetics. It's the perfect champagne highlight, I'm not going to pretend for a moment that it's subtle but then again neither am I! But if you like a bold glow then this one's for you. I like to apply it over my cheekbones, under my eyebrows and in the corners of my eyes,  to brighten up my whole look, using the Real Techniques Blush Brush. I've had this gorgeous set of brushes from Real Techniques, I think they're from the core and essential collection or something like that, for years and years now and they're still in perfect condition. If you're going to invest in some good quality make up brushes I'd highly recommend anything from Real Techniques (so would everyone else!)

OH and my favourite discovery yet? They've actually come out with even more 'Manizer' sisters than there were when I first started using Mary-Lou (very strange sentence). Not only is there Mary-Lou, there's Cindy-Lou (Cindy-Lou Who? Mary-Lou's peachy pink sista) and Bonnie-Lou (even more golden and glowy than the rest) - and you can even (thank you GOD), get all three in a gorgeous trio called the Manizers Sisters for just £24. Seriously, do dreams come true? Yes, yes they do.

I know you want to talk about it so let's get to it, the crowning jewel of my make up collection - the Sweet Peach Glow Peach Infused Highlighting Palette from Too Faced. It's just the most beautiful thing. First of all, it smells like peaches and you get to put it on your face. You too can smell like peaches. It comes in the sweetest peach coloured tin container and there are happy little peaches all over it and I JUST CAN'T. There's pretty much a full face of make up in this palette, there's a glowy, beautiful pinky peach champagne highlight, a shimmery golden rose blush and quite a subtle bronzed tan contour. Everything you need for a summery, peachy glow all year round - you get what it says on the tin, a Sweet Peach Glow! The entire Sweet Peach collection from Too Faced is to die for, honestly I would love to try every single one of their products but for now, this is what I'm working with and I'm loving it.

Now, I'm definitely new to swatching AND blogging so I hope you can bear with me but I wanted to show you what these gorgeous shades looked like on the skin (note: I am extraordinarily pale). From top to bottom we have: Too Faced Blush, Too Faced Highlight, theBalm Highlight and the Too Faced Contour. They're all so pigmented but really subtle at the same time which is perfect if you're fair like me!

Anyway, those are my top five essential beauty products that I use on an everyday basis - I think they're so versatile and easy to travel with. They're not messy, you could absolutely use all of these products on the go and ultimately, they're just my favourites! As far as I'm concerned these are products I will always repurchase and absolutely love using again and again. Let me know what your holy grail products are in the comments, what can't you live without and have you tried any of these products? Let me know!
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