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Post number two - here we go! If you're anything like me you've gotten to January 1st and thought 'OH MY GOD I HAVE TO SORT OUT MY SKINCARE!!!' Literally, whenever I think of New Year's resolutions I immediately go to skincare. Why aren't I drinking more water? Why do I never take my make up off? There you go, I said it. I really, really struggle to take my make up off before bed, despite knowing that it's absolutely terrible for my skin - I'm lazy and so I don't do it (bad, bad beauty blogger). With that said, it's a brand new year, maybe that means a brand new me? Here's what I'm doing to try and get on top of my skincare routine this year (and I'm doing it on a budget).

Let's tackle the biggest problem first. Ladies, in 2018 we're taking off our make up. It's happening. I've been using Soap & Glory's Total Drama Clean 5 in 1 Micellar Make Up Remover and Cleanser, it takes everything off in one go. That's pretty much all I'm looking for in a make up remover, get it all off now please! I use it with a cotton pad and it gets rid of even the most stubborn (best) mascara without irritating my skin, basically it's fantastic. I love everything Soap & Glory so this one hardly comes as a surprise to me. I also have a confession to make, sometimes I use make up wipes. I'm not too fussy when it comes to which wipes, I find that they all work pretty much the same but they definitely work! What can I say? I'm a lazy girl. 

Moving onto the heavy hitters, these are some of my most reliable skincare basics - throughout the years these are the things that I keep coming back to simply because they work. Plus, you can pick all of these things up from your local supermarket and they're super cheap so you don't have to worry about your skincare breaking the bank. I am a Neutrogena girl and I always have been. Their Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub is something I've been using since I can remember - when was this first released? It does exactly what you'd expect it to do, it helps keep my skin spot free (so, so important!!!) as it gently exfoliates my skin - big thumbs up from me. Another thing I'm obsessed with at the moment are nose strips - oh my god can we talk about nose strips? I only started using these recently and I can't get enough, you leave them on your nose for 20 minutes and then gently pull them off. All of the dirt in your nose goes with it, it's the most satisfying thing in the world, trust me! So, I've tried a few different ones, from own brand to slightly more expensive Biore ones. Honestly, I don't think the expensive ones are worth what you pay at all, they're actually less effective in my experience so I'd recommend going with something like the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Strips. They're effective and super cheap, although I would also really recommend any of the charcoal ones as they're pretty much always more effective.  

Along with the face scrub I've been using the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash, this one's particularly great to use in the shower. I always need something for when I'm in a rush and don't really have time to waste in the morning. If you haven't smelt the pink grapefruit collection, you need to do that now - then get back to me. It's super creamy, smells incredible and it leaves my skin feeling ready for the day, tick tick tick! 

Now, you'll have to make up your own minds on the next one - it's 7th Heaven's (the brand we all remember from sleepovers and girls nights) Montagne Jeunesse Charcoal Peel Off Mask. Personally I love masks like this, like the nose strips, I'm obsessed with anything that feels cleansing and detoxifying when you can really notice a difference and this face mask really does that. Having said that, I have seen a lot of people online saying that you shouldn't use masks like this so I would do your research and make up your own mind. As I said, I love them! Plus, I do a lot of things that I probably shouldn't in terms of skincare so what can you do?  

I'm really running with the colour scheme here but I did pick up these gel polishes from Rimmel (mainly because there was a buy one get one free deal on and I cannot resist the Boots make up counters), I haven't tried these before but I thought it was about time I got back into gel nails. This one's the Super Gel Nail Polish in New Romantic and the matching Gel Nail Polish Top Coat. I love the colour, they've got a huge selection of shades to choose from and I always find that gel nails last so much longer than regular polishes. Less chips, longer wear! One of the little things I always make an effort to do when I'm feeling like I've gotten a bit lazy is to paint my nails regularly - it's such a great way to make time for yourself in your day and it makes you feel like you've always put a little bit of effort in. I've only just used this for the first time recently so I'll report back on how well it lasts! 

The last one seems like an obvious thing to say but I'm gonna say it anyway because I'm awful at taking my own advice. Maybe if I say it on here, to all of you, I'll actually have to do it! Drink. More. Water. There absolutely no point putting effort into your skincare and spending money on skincare products if you're not doing the most basic thing. If your skin is dehydrated it's going to look like it plus water is free and so, so effective. I'm rubbish at remembering to drink water so in an effort to drink more I bought myself this beautiful new water bottle. It's better for the environment, it's gorgeous to look at, and I find if I always have this with me I'm more likely to actually stop and take a drink. I got mine from Homesense in Brighton, I would really recommend going to a Homesense they've got such an amazing, affordable selection in all different colours! 

Well that's it for me! Hope you enjoyed reading about my latest skincare routine, if you've made it this far - well done! I'd love to know what you're using at the moment, have you got any must have beauty recommendations for bloggers on a budget - let me know! Leave me a comment below or say hello on social media, I'm on Twitter and Instagram as @likejade_
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